Professional Development in International Education

Today, I received a Certificate from the Global Certificate Program offered by the Office of Visa & Immigration Service Advising at Old Dominion University. Completing this program required attending six seminars on different topics about international students. This was a great experience to learn more about international topics, students, countries, cultures, and communication skills.


Here are some of the titles of the conferences attended:

  • Mauritania
  • Indonesia
  • Communicating Effectively with International Students
  • International Scholar Panel
  • International Student Panel
  • Spring Holidays & Festivals of the World

I met new people at each conference and shared different experiences and thoughts. It was an opportunity to expand my knowledge and develop empathy for a minority population on campus. International Students need all the support we can give them. Libraries play an essential role in their academic success.

I am an international student studying at the University of Carlos III de Madrid. Also, having the opportunity to visit several countries, especially from Puerto Rico to Virginia, where I have been adapting to a new language and culture, I consider myself a global citizen and/or librarian. Can I be an International Librarian?, well I don’t know yet, but I would love to be called that way one day.

I recommend anyone to attend the conferences and complete this program. I plan to attend more activities and keep growing my knowledge of international education.

New Doc 2019-07-18 16.52.24

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