My vision is to live a meaningful life and make a difference in this world through education.

Our society requires citizens with the necessary skills, competencies, and attitudes to be part of the Information and Knowledge Society. This concept is not limited to a geographical area but opens to a highly globalized digital world. Information overload and the advances in Information and Communication Technologies, ICT has changed all aspects of our lives, including education. More than knowledge in different subjects, I strongly believe that our children and young people need educational experiences to enable them to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

Each individual has the ability to learn in different ways and possesses unique talents. It is necessary for students to have learning opportunities that allow them to develop their critical thinking and informed decision-making. Education systems and educators must adapt to current changes by providing experiences where students can develop their full potential. Media and Information Literacy enable individuals to properly manage the information available in different formats taking into account relevant aspects such as ethics and academic honesty. During academic life, it is essential for students to have mentors and people who can provide guidance. Having that support can make a difference in completing a goal and becoming productive citizens in our society. Education is the key to closing the digital divide and promoting social justice.

Niagara Falls, Canada, January 2020