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Poster Presentation at the 2022 Virginia Library Association Annual Conference

At the 2022 VLA/VLACRL Annual Conference.
Registration at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott Lobby, Norfolk, Virginia.

Poster Title: Making your voice count: An equitable and inclusive approach to thriving in Leadership searches.

Being a librarian is an exciting experience for me. I enjoy my everyday activities, but I genuinely enjoy when participating in poster sessions and conferences. This time, I had the opportunity to co-present a poster at the 2022 Virginia Library Association Annual Conference with my former colleague, James Rhoades.

The event occurred at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott in Norfolk, Virginia, under the theme: Recovery + Revival. There were several posters from different units, including public and academic libraries. 

The poster sessions took place on Wednesday at 4:00 pm. It was an unforgettable experience being in front of my poster when colleagues from other institutions came to learn more and see our product. 

Colleagues from Old Dominion University Libraries.

The poster presented the experience of creating a Dean of the Libraries profile as part of the Faculty Assembly of ODU Libraries’ work in 2021 when I served as Chair. The profile created was a team effort between the Staff Assembly and the Faculty Assembly. 

Some of the takeouts from professional development activities:

  1. You meet other colleagues and connect with them. 
  2.  Others can see your work. It creates visibility and helps to build your professional identity. 
  3. No matter what stage of your career, it is essential to participate in professional events where you can share experiences and observe other colleagues’ work in their information units.

Un poco sobre mi / Something about me

En los últimos meses he pasado por varios eventos de salud. Durante este periodo de descanso forzado, he tratado de mantenerme positiva y mostrar lo mejor de mi. Uno de mis pasatiempos favoritos es e tejido “crochet”. Aquí les dejo con algunas de mis “obras de arte”.

After some health issues and forced vacations, I am doing my best to keep positive and show the best of me. One of my favorites hobbies is crochet. Here I show you some of my “artwork”.